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Desktop Screen Record 5
A new video screen capture & screen recording tool.

Desktop Screen Record 5 is an easy video screen capture & screen recording tool that can record screen activities and sounds into video movie files.

You can use this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop screen, and you can record the cursor's movement, and add highlight to the cursor.

Desktop Screen Record 5 supports audio recording, during the process of screen video recording. You can start, pause, stop the screen & sound recording by pressing user-defined hotkeys anytime with Desktop Screen Record 5.
By choosing the output audio, video codec, quality, framerate from the Options Dialog, you can set the output AVI Video file formats easily. Residing on the system tray area when minimized, Desktop Screen Record 5 is ready to record screen at anytime. Now you can create video demos with this powerful tool quickly and easily. Have fun!

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Desktop Screen Record 5 Main Features
  • Start, pause, stop screen recording with user-defined hotkeys.
  • Can record screen activities into Standard or Compressed AVI files
  • Can record full screen or any part of the screen
  • Can record Screen in any screen color depth
  • Supports sound recording from microphone, videotape, internet, etc.
  • Can show flashing rectangle when screen recording or paused
  • Select the video encoder for your screen recorder output AVI file
  • Adjustable screen capture frame rate and playback rate
  • Set the sound recording format and compressed audio format
  • Can record Actual Cursor or Custom Cursor
  • Can add a highlight area around the cursor during screen recording
  • User friendly interface, easy to use

Desktop Screen Record 5 users' Feedback

"This real time screen recording software makes it possible to record all screen actions and sounds easily. Ití»s the best choice for a company to create its own custom e-learning videos."
Gert, 10/17/2005
"Desktop Screen Record helps me easily make tutorials, training, and other screen presentations. Love it!"
Obrien, 08/02/2005
"I really like Desktop Screen Record - it is by far one of the most intuitive screen recording programs I have tried. Thanks for you help and advice."
Watson, 02/27/2005
    What can Desktop Screen Record do ?
  • Answer questions with screen recording video files explaining how to use software and Web sites.
  • The screen record video can be added to the accompanying help files of commercial software and websites to     make them more professional.
  • The screen record video, when converted to a stream-able format, can be posted to your websites to enliven     them for virtual learning.
  •     What's new about Desktop Screen Record ?
    December 6, 2005 - Desktop Screen Record Version 5 was released. Desktop Screen Record 5 requires fewer system resources but with the same speed as previous version. And it's more easier to use!
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